The Fear Performance was born in Caen during the Eighties, in 1984. The three founder members were : Thierry Thomas (Bass), Dominique Bélier (rhythm machine tr909 then keyboards) and Pascal Carreau (guitar and vocals).They were playing a minimalist rock'n'roll inspired by TheVelvet Underground, The Psychedelic Furs and New-York’s underground sound of the seventies and beginning of the eighties


The Fear Performance first concert in 85



Thierry  leaves the group for other musical adventures (Bruges la Morte) Michel and Gilles Carreau, Pascal’s brothers came to play Bass and Drums. Then the band plays many compositions and covers (John Cale, Lou Reed, Beatles, Ronettes...?). And Dominique starts to play the keyboards.





Laurent Piquot joined the band with the guitar. The formation turns much and records many titles in studio. In 87 the single "Le Funambule" will be the only discographic trace of the group. The beautifull sleeve was released by Philippe Jaffré. 


From these years remain multiple studio recordings, the "Indifferent" album and a lot of  Live sessions which for the moment are not avaible ...

But who  knows?




 In 1989 Laurent and Gilles leave the band, Stéphane  Schück comes to play the drums Frédéric Quentin guitar and sax and The Fear Performance begins   "My Dreams and your shadow" 's recording. Then Gilles comes back to finish the album. 

Line up


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